EUROBOT JUNIOR is a European competition of robots open to the participation of children and young people from 8 to 18 years old (students of primary, secondary, robotics clubs, etc.). The objective of participating is to allow an approach to science and technology in an interesting and fun project that consists of the realization of a technical project in which teamwork and the exchange of ideas is developed.


EUROBOT JR follows the same EUROBOT regulations with the exception that in EUROBOT the robots are completely autonomous whereas in EUROBOT JR the main robot is telecontrolled by cable and a self-contained secondary robot can also be used. It is a project of great value for educators since with the participation in EUROBOT JR most of the technical competences of the technology education programs can be developed.

Regarding the competition, the limit of the number of teams that can participate in the international competition, which will be the qualifiers of the national competition of Eurobot Junior Spain, may vary depending on the number of teams participating in the national rankings of the rest of the countries.



Each year the theme of the competition is changed, so that there are new tasks to be done and a new project to address.

The group of young people must design, build and program the robot so that it obtains the highest possible score in each test, taking into account that the main robot is telecontrolled by cable, and may have an autonomous secondary robot.



The Eurobot JR competition highlights values ​​such as fair play, solidarity, the exchange of knowledge and creativity.

It is a very enriching experience, since it is a competition between several countries, you learn other languages ​​and cultures, so you will find a friendly and intercultural environment.



September   Publication of the regulations
Octuber - January   You work on the robot, first versions and designs are made
February - March   The designs are polished and the last tests are carried out
April   National Competition
May   International Competition in Europe



A team is created between 2 and 10 people, where each person or group of people are dedicated to a specific task.
Participants must register on this website indicating their names, studies they have made or are doing and contact information. Knowing the regulations, the tasks to be performed are addressed and the robot is designed.
With a first design, you can build and program a first version, which will be polished and improved until it is the final version.



The team has to know the regulations and specifications, to be able to tackle all the tasks and know the restrictions.
You must perform a task planning according to the members of the group and manage time appropriately.
It will be possible to look for external financing.
Learn, know how to work in a team and have fun with the realization of this project.



In addition to the realization of the robot, the exhibition of how the project has been carried out and how the tasks, the time, the funding, etc. have been taken into account ...

In addition, the day of the competition asks for a poster in size A1 where it should be detailed:

  • Name of the team
  • Team members names
  • What tasks will be carried out of the possible ones in the field of play
  • How they were made (through an image and a short explanatory text)
  • Organizations or partners that have collaborated with the team

If you think your school may be interested in participating, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you more information about the competition.


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