Eurobot is an international robotics competition aimed at the participation of teams of young people of all ages around the design and construction of mobile robots.The rules change every year so every year there is a new challenge to face.

Eurobot is a European event that originated in France in 1998 as the Coupe de France de Robotique and that since 2004 is being organized by the International Association Eurobot Association they belong to several European countries.The 2018 Edition involved over 200 teams in Eurobot and about 300 in Eurobot Junior in Europe.

The competition has two categories:

  • Eurobot: aimed at college students and advanced high school students.The robots are completely autonomous and the age limit for participation is 30 years old.
  • Eurobot Junior: aimed at students of secondary education and elementary to advanced.At least one of the robots which compete each team has to be telecontrolado by cable.The age limit for participation is 18 years old.

The main objective of Eurobot is to encourage interest in science and technology in young people and give an excuse to engineering students to put into practice what they are learning and thus be better professionals. All testing their ingenuity, and developing their ability to work in team and their creativity.

Eurobot Spain

The number of teams by country in the Eurobot International Final is limited by what a national qualifying competition is required.Eurobot Spain is the classification of the best robots who will represent Spain in the international finals.There is a limit of 3 robots by country in Eurobot and Eurobot junior number may vary depending on the number of teams participating in the national qualifications.

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